Best Texas Sports Betting Sites and Online Sportsbooks in 2024

What’s the deal with sports betting in Texas? It’s a no-go zone for now; the law prohibits sports betting within state lines. Yet, Texans are keen to know their options and watch closely for legal shifts. This guide delves into sports betting Texas challenges, from current barriers to future betting prospects, providing you with a clear lay of the land.

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Key Takeaways

  • The Texas sports betting landscape remains legally barren in 2024; sports betting is not yet legal, with possible legislative amendments on the horizon suggesting changes could come post-2025.
  • Texans are currently engaging with offshore online sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie, which provide diverse betting options and offer features aimed at drawing and retaining users, despite the lack of in-state regulation.
  • Efforts promoting responsible gambling, like the Texas Lottery Commission’s Play Responsibly program, are in place to educate and support Texans, even as legislative changes for sports betting are considered.

Texas Sports Betting Landscape in 2024

Texas, with its vast expanse, often evokes images of endless opportunities and freedom. However, the situation for online sports betting paints a contrasting picture. As of now, placing sports wagers within the state’s borders remains a distant mirage. The legal landscape of Texas sports betting is as arid as a summer in El Paso – sports betting is not legal, and it seems the horizon won’t feature legal sportsbooks until at least 2025. The state’s steadfast stance on gambling has held firm despite the shifting sands of public opinion and the potential economic windfall that legalized sports betting could bring.

Yet, change seems to be on the horizon as recent legislative proposals emerge, challenging the existing norms. Attempts to legalize sports betting through constitutional amendments, such as HB 1942 and SB 715, have been the cards dealt by lawmakers. These efforts represent the turning of the tides, with the persistence of advocates testing the waters for a future where Texans can legally place their bets. Nonetheless, it’s a complex game of poker, and the house – in this case, the Texas legislature – still holds the majority of the cards.

Legalization Efforts

The journey towards making sports betting legal in Texas has witnessed numerous legislative confrontations. Bills like SB 736 and SJR 39 have galloped through the senate floor only to face the formidable barrier of the state constitution that requires a constitutional referendum to amend the gambling laws. Despite no assurance of a winning hand, the Sports Betting Alliance, a coalition of heavyweight professional sports teams, has placed its bet firmly in support of these bills. The Alliance’s backing is a testament to the potential economic and professional entertainment options that legal sports betting could unlock.

As the narrative evolves, recent legalization attempts, spearheaded by bills like HB 2070, have ignited discussions that persist within the Texas House. This ongoing dialogue signals a slowly shifting perspective, a glimmer of hope for those advocating for access to legal Texas sports betting sites. Much like the unpredictable Texas weather, the future of sports betting legalization efforts remains uncertain, but the clouds are gathering, hinting at the possibility of a downpour of change.

Key Stakeholders

In the intense battle for sports betting legalization, prominent figures have surfaced, each possessing influence that could impact the final outcome. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, with a poker face reflecting his conservative values, has historically been a staunch opponent, a significant factor in the state’s legislative stance on the matter. Yet, whispers of Governor Greg Abbott’s growing openness to the idea suggest that the house might be willing to reconsider its hand.

On the business end of the spectrum, figures like Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a betting platform, have a vested interest in seeing the laws change. His involvement, coupled with the political influence of the Adelson family and the coalition of Texas-based professional sports teams forming the Texas Sports Betting Alliance, could be the royal flush needed to sway the legislature. The Alliance’s support for legislation like HB 2070, SB 736, and SJR 39 is a bold move in a game where the stakes are as high as the Texas sky.

Top Online Sportsbooks in Texas

Despite strict legal prohibitions, Texans have discovered avenues for online sports betting, satisfying their craving for the excitement of gambling. With the rise of Texas online gambling sites, bettors in the Lone Star State have a workaround to the absence of legal online sports betting within their borders. The virtual doors of sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie are wide open, welcoming Texas bettors to a world of diverse betting options and user-friendly platforms. As the debate to legalize online sports betting continues, Texans are finding ways to enjoy the thrill of the game on a Texas sports betting site.

These offshore Texas betting sites, though not regulated within the state, offer a rodeo of sports betting markets, with over 35 sports to choose from and enticing bonuses – such as Bovada’s $750 welcome bonus – that cater to both the high rollers and the penny-ante players. The sign-up process is as easy as a Texas two-step, inviting bettors to create accounts with minimal fuss and start placing wagers on everything from horse races to the gridiron glory of the Dallas Cowboys.

Features and Benefits

In the highly competitive realm of online sports betting, leading sportsbooks are pulling out all the stops with enticing promotions and substantial bonuses to attract bettors. Specialized promotions for parlay betting and sports contests with free entries, like BetUS’s Ironman and Gridiron Guru, are just some of the best bonuses up for grabs. These offerings are more than just a tip of the hat; they’re designed to keep bettors in the saddle, engaged, and loyal to the platform, making it an ideal place to bet online.

For the tech-savvy gambler, features like live in-play betting, multi-view options, and personalized bets are revolutionizing the betting experience. Bovada’s #What’sYaWager feature invites bettors to tailor their own betting lines, while BetUS and EveryGame are throwing in Twitch video feeds for esports betting and user-friendly interfaces for live betting. These features are akin to having a front-row seat at the rodeo, with all the action unfolding in real-time.

But it’s not just about the adrenaline rush of the bet. The safety of users is paramount, with standard encryption protocols and user account safety policies such as identity verification and two-factor authentication being the norm. The user experience is further enhanced by comprehensive help centers and affiliate TV stations that offer additional content and resources, making sure bettors are well-informed and ready to ride.

Safety and Security

While the thrill of placing a bet is palpable, the reassurance afforded by security is undeniably paramount. The top online sportsbooks available to Texas residents are regulated by reputable licensing authorities, such as the Malta Gambling Authority and the Curacao Gaming Control Board. These regulatory bodies ensure that the sportsbooks adhere to international standards, providing a safe harbor in the sometimes-stormy seas of online betting and casino gambling, making online gambling legal in their jurisdictions.

Encrypted technologies, akin to a sturdy lasso, keep personal data and transactions secure. With 128-bit SSL encryption, bettors can rest assured that their online activities are as protected as a bank vault. Furthermore, the wise bettor might consider additional precautions such as VPNs and cryptocurrencies for an extra layer of privacy and swifter transaction times, ensuring their betting experience is as smooth as a well-oiled saddle.

A sportsbook’s reputation is as important as a cowboy’s handshake – it’s indicative of reliability and trustworthiness. It’s crucial that bettors size up a site’s reputation just as they would a horse before a long journey. The combination of adherence to security measures and a positive track record is the gold standard for betting sites, providing reassurance that the betting journey will be both enjoyable and fair.

Betting on Popular Texas Sports Teams

In Texas, sports run deep in the veins of its residents, from the roar of NFL stadiums to the crack of baseball bats. Die-hard fans and bettors alike focus their attention on professional teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, and the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs, with a wealth of betting options available for these beloved teams. Baseball holds a special place in the hearts of Texans, with the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers providing plenty of opportunities for sports wagers.

The landscape of sports betting in Texas is as varied as the state itself, with bets ranging from the mainstream options of American Football and baseball to the global appeal of soccer. Bettors can indulge in a smorgasbord of bet types, from run lines in baseball to prop bets on the performance of soccer players. The active support of the Sports Betting Alliance, which includes these Texas-based professional sports teams, underscores the potential for a vibrant legal sports betting market in the future.

Betting Tips and Strategies

Venturing into sports betting with the right strategy is as crucial as a cowboy knowing how to ride his horse. Researching prospective bets is paramount to success, as it helps eliminate any hometown bias and allows for informed decision-making. It’s about playing smart, not just playing hard, and understanding that knowledge of the game and the players can turn the odds in one’s favor.

Bankroll management is akin to managing a ranch – it requires careful planning and risk management. By setting a budget and sticking to it, bettors can ensure that their betting activities remain a source of entertainment rather than financial strain. Shopping for the best price, or ‘line shopping’, is another savvy move, enabling bettors to find the best odds and maximize their potential winnings. Like a stock market trader, a smart bettor knows the value of buying low and selling high.

But the ultimate tip for any Texas sports bettor is to stay informed on common terms and phrases, and to follow general online betting tips. Knowledge is power, and in the world of betting, it’s the power to make informed wagers, to understand the ebb and flow of betting lines, and to bet responsibly.

Equipped with the right strategies and a cool head, Texas bettors can ride into the sunset with the potential for rewarding payouts.

Mobile Sports Betting in Texas

The emergence of mobile betting has dramatically transformed the gambling scene, delivering the sportsbook right into Texans’ hands. This modern convenience allows users to place bets from anywhere, at any time, with fully responsive mobile sites for a seamless experience on smartphones and tablets. The top sports betting apps, such as Bovada, MyBookie, and BetOnline, offer enhanced user experiences with features like live in-play betting, customizable dashboards, and real-time updates.

The breadth of sports markets and events accessible through Texas sports betting apps is as wide as the Texas horizon, catering to the diverse interests of bettors across the state. These apps ensure that placing a bet on the Houston Astros or the Dallas Cowboys is as straightforward as sending a text message.

With advanced encryption technologies and robust security protocols protecting user data, and integrated payment systems enabling secure transactions, mobile betting in Texas stands as a paragon of convenience and safety.

Best Mobile Betting Apps

For Texas residents on the lookout for the cream of the crop in mobile betting apps, the choices are as rich as a Texas oil field. The top mobile betting apps for Texas residents are:

  • Bovada: It leads the pack, with an intuitive interface that has been honed to near-perfection, offering a user experience that’s as smooth as a well-aged whiskey.
  • MyBookie: It is not far behind, offering a user-friendly design and a welcome bonus that is as generous as a Texas-sized steak.
  • BetOnline: It is also not far behind, offering a user-friendly design and a welcome bonus that is as generous as a Texas-sized steak.

But the options don’t stop there. Here are some other options for different types of bettors:

  • EveryGame: caters to parlay bettors
  • BetNow: offers rebates on sportsbook betting
  • emphasizes cryptocurrency betting for a modern twist on the traditional bet

With a variety of apps to choose from, each offering unique features and bonuses, Texas bettors are spoilt for choice in the mobile betting arena.

Payment Methods for Texas Sports Bettors

Texas sports bettors are spoilt for choice when it comes to financing their online betting accounts, with a multitude of payment methods readily available. From the traditional use of credit/debit cards to the innovative use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, bettors can choose the method that best suits their preferences. E-wallets such as Skrill and PayPal add another layer of convenience and speed, making the process of placing a bet as easy as hitching a horse to a post.

While some may favor the modernity of digital wallets and cryptocurrencies for their low transaction fees and anonymity, others may prefer the familiarity of bank transfers and money orders. The choice of payment method is as personal as a cowboy’s hat, and Texas sportsbooks cater to this diversity with a range of options that ensure every bettor can manage their funds in a way that’s comfortable and secure for them.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Understanding the banking options at Texas sportsbooks is as essential as grasping the rules of the game. Bettors will find a lineup of secure banking options, including compatibility with popular digital wallets and electronic transfer systems, ensuring that the financial side of betting is convenient and safe. Instant deposit processes enable bettors to immediately join the action, allowing for a seamless transition from spectator to active participant.

While some sportsbooks may charge deposit fees, others attract players by offering fee-free transactions, tipping the scales in favor of the bettor. E-wallet and cryptocurrency deposits, in particular, are often subject to lower fees compared to traditional banking channels, making them an attractive option for the cost-conscious gambler. On the withdrawal front, times can vary from a swift one hour to several days, with e-wallets typically offering the fastest means to access winnings.

Certain sportsbooks even endorse same-day withdrawals, provided the requests are submitted before a designated cutoff time. This feature is akin to hitting the jackpot at a slot machine and being able to cash out on the spot. More traditional withdrawal methods like checks via mail are also available, though they may take a bit longer to process, reflecting the slower pace of the past. Regardless of the chosen method, bettors can find options that align with their preferences, from low minimum cryptocurrency withdrawals to substantial monthly withdrawal limits.

Responsible Gambling in Texas

Despite the allure and potential for huge wins, responsible gambling is still a fundamental principle in Texas. The Play Responsibly program by the Texas Lottery Commission is at the forefront of this initiative, educating bettors on the potential consequences of gambling and offering a helping hand to those in need. The commission’s commitment to responsible play is unwavering, with a strong emphasis on recognizing the signs of problem gambling and providing the necessary materials and support to address it.

Resources and support services are readily available for Texas residents who may be struggling with problem gambling. Organizations such as the National Council on Problem Gambling and the Texas Council on Problem Gambling stand ready to assist, offering hotlines, educational opportunities, and a supportive community. Furthermore, the commission’s enforcement of legal restrictions on advertising reflects a broader effort to promote responsible gambling and prevent the exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

While the Play Responsibly program educates and supports, it’s important to note that Texas does not currently offer a self-exclusion program, which is a tool that allows individuals to voluntarily ban themselves from gambling activities. The absence of such a program underscores the need for self-awareness and the importance of utilizing the available resources to maintain control over one’s betting activities. As the saying goes, knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em is key to enjoying sports betting without falling into the pitfalls of problem gambling.


As we round up this guide, it’s clear that the landscape of sports betting in Texas is as vast and complex as the state itself. From the legal challenges and legislative efforts to the burgeoning world of online sportsbooks, mobile betting, and diverse payment methods, there’s a wealth of information for both seasoned bettors and newcomers alike. The future of sports betting in Texas may still be in the hands of lawmakers, but the present offers plenty of avenues for those looking to partake in this thrilling pastime. Remember, whether you’re betting on the Dallas Cowboys or the San Antonio Spurs, always do so responsibly, keeping the spirit of Texas pride and integrity at the forefront of every wager.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a sports betting app for Texas?

Yes, BetUS offers a user-friendly mobile sports betting app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices, making it accessible for bettors in Texas.

Does Texas have any casinos?

Yes, Texas has three casinos operated by indigenous tribes.

What efforts have been made to legalize sports betting in Texas?

Efforts to legalize sports betting in Texas have been made through legislative proposals such as HB 1942, SB 715, and SJR 39, but none have successfully changed the law. As of now, sports betting remains illegal in Texas.